Rolling Ground Jindabyne


The Fifth “Wicked Wombat” New Year’s Eve

8hr MTB Race, 2015




Race Registration 30th December, 4-6.30pm Bungarra.

Registration and entries can be done on the day 6am-7am (we’d prefer not to)





Race date:   Thursday 31st December 2015


Time:          8am start to 4pm finish


Location:     Bungarra Alpine Centre, Jindabyne. NSW.


Event:         8 hr Teams



Mixed Team of 4 Jnr

Male and Female Solo overall winners

Male and Female Solo Masters overall winners

Male and Female  teams of 2 overall winners

Male and Female Teams of  4 overall winner

Mixed 2 and 4 person teams overall winners


Format:       Total laps counted

Teams can ride together



Trophies:     All categories


Prizes:         Random race number draw for other prizes


Accommodation (Onsite)


Special Wicked Wombat deals!

Got to


Inclusions:   Dinner Saturday night 6pm. Must book $39 adult, $20 Child


“Legendary Buffet Catering for vegetarians and meatatarians”



General Information


Rolling Ground Jindabyne is holding this mountain bike event on the  private MTB trail network at Bungarra Alpine Centre. This trail network contains over 20kms of single trails, a skills and pocket park, jumps areas, a flow trail and a pump track. The trails were designed specifically to offer a wide variety of options for all levels of riders, which makes them a fantastic place to hold an 8Hr MTB event.


Bungarra Alpine Centre sits on a 300 acre property just south of Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains of NSW and provides group accommodation for school outdoor education programs for over 200 people. So there’s plenty of parking and lots of space with grassy areas, trees and wildlife all around.


This is the 4th time the Wicked Wombat has been held by Rolling Ground Jindabyne on the Bungarra trails providing a relaxed and easy going atmosphere for all who attend. We pride ourselves on providing a great course, great facilities and good times.

Event Registration:

Entries close on December 31th  2015. All riders must be a member of MTBA. (MTBA day licenses available at the event).

All riders in the team will have a race number provided by Rolling Ground Jindabyne.

How to get there:

Bungarra Alpine Centre is 2km along Bungarra Lane, off the Barry Way, 5km south of Jindabyne. There is a short amount of gravel road to drive to get to the accommodation.

Jindabyne is 2.5hrs drive South of Canberra.

Parking and Camping:

There is plenty of parking outside of the accommodation lodges for people staying there. The camping site is situated nearby and is easily accessed by 2wd vehicles.

Meals, Water and Rubbish:

We are providing a healthy, filling and delicious New Year’s Eve dinner. If you only visit for the day and want to stay longer you can pay on the night for a meal. We’ll have vegetarian and gluten free options if required. Pre-booking suggested (the dinner is legendary)

During the race we’ll have a BBQ stall with assorted food available to buy, including soft drinks, Snowy Mountains Cookies and beer.

We do ask that you take care of your personal rubbish, this is a beautiful natural environment and we’d like to keep it that way. So please don’t litter and remember to take out what you bring in, especially when out on the trail.


The Event Details

The main race will start at 8am on Wednesday morning, running through to 4pm that afternoon.

Teams can ride together as much as they like, to complete as many laps as possible.

As it’s an enduro race, we will be counting laps and timing individual riders and team totals. The idea of this event is to get out and ride with your mates as much or as little as you like, you don’t have to be competitive and race all the time, just be a mountain biker and get out and enjoy the trails on New Year’s Eve.

Final laps – the last lap gate closes at 3:30pm. If teams are tied for equal laps, the first team across the line wins.

All racers will get a race number to be placed on the front of their bike. Make sure it’s secure, because if you don’t have a number your laps won’t be counted.

There will be a divided lap transition area to keep it safe and in control. This is where you can swap laps with your team mates if you are swapping laps, or stop for a toilet or food break.

We will have marshals out on the course checking everyone is ok. If you see someone who needs medical assistance, stop and assist if you can or inform a marshal of the details so we can arrange for medical assistance. Marshals will also be watching to make sure you go the right way, so please don’t cut corners and cheat. Not only does that go against what mountain biking is all about, but if you get caught we’ll deduct laps from your team according to how much you cheated. Remember this event is about enjoying a ride with your mates, having fun and being a competitive good sport, please don’t ruin it.

We’ll also deduct laps for un-sportsman like behavior, pushing, shoving, swearing etc will not be tolerated.

If we see or hear of good sports behavior and people doing the right thing we’ll add laps to that team’s total.

As mountain bikers you also need to be self-sufficient and carry spare tubes, basic tools, water, band aids etc to get you through your day if something breaks down while you are out on the trails.

If you have a mechanical and don’t complete a lap don’t worry there are no DNF’s, just fix it and get riding again.

Race Results

Presentation and prize giving will be held Wednesday 45 mins after the last riders has crossed the line. There will be a random number draw from the competitors list.

Weather and other issues:

As its mid-summer, you won’t need lights, it’ll still be light at 9pm.

It could be very hot during the day and cool at night. The sun in the Snowy Mountains is stronger than other areas of the country, so make sure you slip, slop, slap and wrap throughout the day, but it is the Snowy Mountains and the weather can change at any time, so be prepared for everything. It has snowed at Christmas then been 40+ a few days later.

The Bungarra Mountain Bike trails are in a natural environment with lots of bush land and animals live in and around the property. There are all the normal Australian animals in and around these trails. You must be careful when riding, there are things that bite out there!.