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Bungarra MTB trails map

Bungarra Alpine Centre Mountain Bike Trails

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Welcome to the Bungarra Alpine Centre Mountain Bike trails. This private 19+km trail network has been professionally built to meet the needs of all levels of mountain bikers and offer a variety of trail and skill development options your biking enjoyment. These trails are only open to users by agreement with the land owner or through the Jindabyne CTMC or Rolling Ground Jindabyne organised events.

All trail users must follow the IMBA Australia Rules of the trail and the agreement between the land owners of Bungarra Alpine Centre and the Jindabyne CTMC.

This is private land and these trails are only open to users if the rules are followed and respected.

These trails are mountain bike specific, although they are also to walk or run on. If you are using these trails for activities other than mountain biking please give way to mountain bikers on the trails.

Many of these trails are multi directional, however we suggest that the Black Diamond Trails, Flow Trail, Ridgeline Double Trails and Good Times Trail be ridden in the direction indicated on the trail map, this is for your own safety and enjoyment.

Remember this is rural land and may have a variety of wild animals on it, ride responsibly and appropriately to the conditions and environment.

Important Trail information below

Please leave a comment below of your experience on the trail, we would love to hear from you.

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  • Hello,
    Five of us are interested in doing a mountain bike ride on your trails, and seeking permission to do so, we are all responsible riders, and we are staying at at Thredbo from February 1st to February 6th.
    And would love to experience the trails at Bungarra.
    Hoping to get permission off you to do so, and how do we make contact on the day with you to do so.
    Hoping this can be arranged and thanking you. Bob Duce. 0407787790

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