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November 12-13, 2016

Come and ride some of the Snowy Mountains and Australia’s best and most technical MTB trails.

This MTB race tests rider’s abilities and endurance over 3 different races on 3 different trails over 2 days of racing.

The Snowy Triple Trail is a technical 3 stage race. Riders in the solo category must complete all three stages, fastest overall time for all three stages wins.

The first stage utilizes the technical trails of Tyrolean village for a 9km time-trial.

The second stage is a bunch race. Three laps of a 6-7km course out on the more technical trails of Bungarra.

The Third stage is on the Sunday and races around the beautiful trails of Lake Crackenback. It’s  a bunch race, three laps of a 12km  loop. 

Real trails, in real mountains, equals single track riding pleasure!.

Riders need a good level of technical skill to complete the Triple Trail.

Register with MTBA for the Snowy Triple Trail 2016

Event Details:

Stage 1: 10+km XC time trial – Tyrolean village, 9am Saturday
Stage 2: 20+km XC race – Bungarra 3pm Saturday
Stage 3: 40+km XC race – Lake Crackenback Resort 10am Sunday

Open Men
Open Women
Masters Men (over 45+)
Masters Women (over 45+)
Junior (12 – 17)
Format: Fastest combined time over all 3 races wins.

Trophies: We pride ourselves on creating great custom made trophies and we’ll have them for First, Second and third place in each category.

Prizes: With thanks to our generous and very supportive local businesses we’ve got lots of great prizes to give away to all place getters and many different spot prizes.

Race Entry: $159 Open/Masters

$129 for Jnrs

Detailed event information

General Information
Rolling Ground Jindabyne is holding this mountain bike event on the MTB trail networks at Tyrolean Village, Bungarra Alpine Centre and Lake Crackenback Resort.

Tyrolean Village sits above the lake looking back to the Snowy Mountains, beautiful rocky and rugged.

Bungarra Alpine Centre sits on a 300 acre property 5min drive south of Jindabyne and provides group accommodation for school outdoor education programs.

Lake Crackenback Resort sits on the edge of Kosciuszko National Park in the beautiful Thredbo Valley, just 20 min drive west of Jindabyne. They are a 4/5 star resort with great restaurants, a variety of accommodation options and stunning views of the mountains looming overhead.

All three locations offer plenty of parking and lots of grassy areas, trees and wildlife all around. There are full resort facilities at both with plenty of areas to sit and relax before or after the race.

We pride ourselves on providing a great course, great facilities and good times and combining these three fantastic mountain bike trail networks into one event will make this a weekend to remember.

Event Registration
Race entries are limited to 150.

All riders must be a member of MTBA.

MTBA day licenses available at the event.

All riders will have a race number provided by Rolling Ground Jindabyne.

How to get there
Tyrolean village: Turn right off Monaro Hwy into Rainbow drive, Tyrolean village. 400 meters down you will see race start finish area.

Bungarra Alpine Centre is 2km along Bungarra Lane, off the Barry Way, 5km south of Jindabyne. There is a short amount of gravel road to drive to get to the venue.

Lake Crackenback Resort is 19km along the Alpine Way towards Thredbo Village. The road is sealed and less than 20 minutes from Jindabyne

Jindabyne is 2.5hrs drive South of Canberra on the Monaro Highway.


To book accommodation at Lake Crackenback Resort contact them direct at and mention the Triple Trail Challenge for special accommodation rates.
To book accommodation at Bungarra go to

Dining options

There are plenty of great dinner options in Jindabyne and the surrounding area. We recommend the Alpine Larder at Lake Crackenback Resort for great meals during the day and into the evening. We also suggest people try the Wild Brumby Distillery and Clancy’s restaurant at the Banjo Patterson Inn.

We do ask that you take care of your personal rubbish, this is a beautiful natural environment and we’d like to keep it that way. So please don’t litter and remember to take out what you bring in, especially when out on the trail.
Event Details
This race is all about finding the best overall rider over the 3 different races and will test speed, stamina and skills on the mostly single track courses. There will be no fire trails in these races and only a short section of either dirt road or sealed road to begin the race.
Tyrolean Village course is an out and back starting and finishing at different points. This is possibly the most technical of all the races, riding along the lake, up, over and around alpine rock gardens. There’s lots of climbing and descending.
The Bungarra course will cover many of the trails in the property and provide a 6-10km circuit (approximately – it may change due to trail conditions). Most of these trails contour around the terrain, rolling and undulating with the environment. All Bungarra trails are single track, however there is about 200m of dirt road at the start of each lap.
The lowest point on the trail is just above 1060m and the highest point is just above 1200m with the lap marshalling area at approximately 1105m
The trail is open and flowing but there are some areas with tight rocky terrain and advanced lines.
The Lake Crackenback Resort trail is a great piece of single track that works its way around the outer edges of the resort. And down the Thredbo River. The track is open and fast in some areas, but also offers some tighter twisting trails through thick native forest and rocky areas.
This trail offers less climbing than the Bungarra course, although there are some short steep climbs and descents to keep you on your toes.
Lake Crackenback Resort sits approximately 1180m above sea level.
All racers will get a race number to be attached securely to the front of their bike.
Track marshals will be on the course checking everyone is ok.
If you see someone who needs medical assistance, stop and assist if you can or inform a marshal of the details so we can arrange for medical assistance.
Marshals will also be watching to make sure you go the right way, so please don’t cut corners and cheat. Not only does that go against what mountain biking is all about, but if you get caught we’ll add a suitable penalty time to your lap total according to how much you cheated.
We’ll add penalty time for un-sportsman like behavior. Pushing, shoving, swearing etc will not be tolerated.
If we see or hear of good sports behavior and people doing the right thing we’ll reward that person.
As mountain bikers you also need to be self-sufficient and carry spare tubes, basic tools, water, band aids etc to get you through your day if something breaks down while you are out on the trails. You also need to know how to fix your bike yourself if things do go wrong.
If you have a mechanical and don’t complete a race don’t worry there are no DNF’s, just fix it and get riding again to complete the race or be ready for the next.
Race Results

Presentation and prize giving will be held approx. 45 minutes after the last rider has finished the race on Sunday afternoon.

Race times and placing’s will be available approx. 45 minutes after each event on Saturday.

Weather and other issues

They call it the Snowy Mountains for a reason and you need to be prepared for all weather conditions.

It could be warm during the day (mid 20’s) and cool at night (under 10). So bring warm and cold weather clothing, especially if camping.

The sun in the Snowy Mountains is stronger than other areas of the country, so make sure you slip, slop, slap and wrap throughout the day even if it’s cloudy.

Register with MTBA for the Snowy Triple Trail 2016