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Past Results

2013 Wicked Wombat Results

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2012 Wicked Wombat Results

Wicked Wombat 2012 from Matthew Ryan on Vimeo.

Solo Male

1. Ed McDonald
2. Callum McNamara
3. Peter Lister & Jorge Baron Morris

Solo Female

1. Wendy Stevenson
2. Kris Nicholls
3. Anita Mudge

Two Person Male

1. Andy Blair and Shaun Lewis – Team Specialized
2. Peter Malcolm and Shaun Lewis – The Fat Kids
3. Matt Trippet & Ross Tattersall – LCR

Two Person Female

1. Ursula Berthold and Cynthia Nixon – Age is No Barrier
2. Janine Becker and Samantha Pearce – Girls who just want to have fun

Two Person Mixed

1. Gary Harwood and Martine Robin – Roastbeef & Frogs Legs
2. Vanessa Knee and Craig Trevallion – Size doesn’t Matter
3. Garry Millburn & Jenny Fay – Team GJ

Four Person Male

1. Trevor Rix, Ben Parker, Ben Wurker and Andrew Chamberlain
2. Kye Hore, William Bowron, James Auchineck and Jayson Clarke
3. Mick Cady, Keith McKellar-Stewart and Peter McKellar-Stewart

Four Person Female

1. Belinda Chamberlain, Janie Rix, Caren Byron and Ronja Hill-Wright

Four Person Mixed

1. Nick Booth, Justin Morris, Ian Rufford and Lindsay Gorrell
2. Mike Ford, Liam Doherty, Karrie Logan and Fee Doherty

Equal Third place

3. Shane Morton, Erica Collins, Simon Bartle and Joanna Meakins
3. Huw kingston, Craig Stonestreet, John Byrne and Felicity Gartelmann

2012 Wicked Wombat Detailed Results at My Race Result

2011 Wicked Wombat Results

The Inaugural Wicked Wombat 8 hour was run and won at Bungarra Alpine Resort on New years Eve December 31st 2011. The 2011 Race brought MTB riders from all around the country and even from oversees.

2011 Wicked Wombat Results PDF

The race was held at Jindabyne’s newest MTB Trail Network, Bungarra Alpine Resort. The trails provided a variety of differing open flowing areas, rocky technical sections, twisting downhills and a few pinch climbs and off camber corners, adding to the challenge and keeping riders on their toes. There were multiple short climbs and descents on an almost completely single track circuit, riders had few areas to relax. This didn’t slow competitors down with many of the top riders lapping the course in less than 35 minutes. 

Thankfully New Years Eve 2011 brought beautiful weather with temps in the high 20’s to low 30’s, hot, dry winds, and a light mountain breeze keeping riders cool on the higher parts of the course.

Once the last rider came in, times and laps were tallied up. Trophies were then awarded to the winners of each category and a special  trophy “the Ross Martin Commemorative Trophy went to Harrison Ware, a 16yr old local rider who rode 10 laps of the 10.8km course, for the gutsiest performance 

In the end we had 3 riders on 13 laps, 4 on 12, 1 on 11, 9 on 10 laps and other participants all the way down to 2 laps. The male solo winner was Justin Mathews on 13 laps. Wendy Mathews won the women’s solo with 10 laps completed. The 2 person team male division was won by Grantley Butterfield and Kevin Wells with 20 laps. The 2 person mixed division was won by Gary Harwood and Martine Robin with 22 laps. The 4 person male team was won by locals Kris Jones, Craig Trevallion, Mark Ware and Harrison Ware with 39 laps. The 4 person mixed team was won by Carrie-Anne Edney, Paul McEntree, Andrew Paterson and Kyle Rickard with 31 laps and the women’s 4 person team was won by locals Teena Robinson, Cath Bylett and Jean-Monique Hawkins. 

The race was set up to allow teams to ride together or apart and gave bonus laps for riders on single speed bikes and other considerations such as good sportsmanship were rewarded

Special mention has to go out to 4 young local boys, Baily Farmer, Tom Harrigan, Michael Brandon and Tallow Baillie, at 13 and 14yrs old who completed 20 laps together. Other special mentions go to Ursula Berchtold at 60+ completing 9 laps and Tanika Goodman at 11 yrs old, completing 3 laps with her dad Cal.

Along with all the competitors we’d also like to thank the volunteers who assisted us throughout the day in all the different areas where we needed help.  Without their assistance the event would not have been the success it was. We are really privileged.