Rolling Ground Jindabyne

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  • We rode the trail from bullocks flat all the way to thredbo then back ! Great trail , good work out on the way up and terrain was great. Highly recommend doing it.

  • Fantastic track. Great workout on the way up and a great
    descent! Lots of fun and plenty of families with kids doing the descent.

  • Thanks Rolling Ground if you are responsible for building the TVT, I simply loved riding it these past two days, great fun and so many jumps, I almost managed clearing some hikers…… kidding! Is stage two going to be a replication of some sections so what you have done might be ‘one-way’ riding in the future? Seriously well built and aligned track, congratulations, I’m looking forward to heading back there and exploring some more, cheers!

  • previous comment about duplication on some sections is good idea. Track has become so popular and some riders so inconsiderate of walkers and slower bikers that it is becoming dangerous at times.

  • I took a group of kids (aged 9-11 years) out to ride the Thredbo Valley Trail (in the Thredbo to Crackenback Village direction) yesterday. The kids loved it! While not especially experienced mountain bikers, they are a fit bunch of kids from doing other sports. They found the riding a combination of fun and challenging, with just the right amount of challenge. They loved riding across the bridges, the fun downhill sections, and the switchbacks. The 9 year year old rode to Ngarigo, with the 11 year olds riding through to the finish at Crackenback. All of the riders we met along the way displayed good track etiquette, which helped make for a good day out. A great well-maintained track, a great addition to mountain biking in the Snowy Mountains.

  • I rode the track from Friday Flat to the Ski Tube. Great Ride. Huge rewards for only a little bit of effort. Best Mountain bike track I have ever ridden.
    Probably should be only one way as the more riders that do it the more dangerous it will become.

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